Winter Water Damage

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Water

Winter Water Damage - Service Masters Flathead

Winter in Montana can bring all kinds of extreme weather situations.  Some days we experience heavy snowfall followed by warming temperatures that melt the snow.  On other days we can have rain, snow, and sunshine.  Our homes can take a beating from Montana’s harsh winters.  Despite the freezing temperatures, we still experience water damage.  Here are some ways that water damage can affect your home.

Pipe Burst

Bursting pipes happen when the temperatures outside and inside your home drop below freezing.  If there is water in the pipes, they may freeze.  This can occur outside your home in your yard, sprinkler systems, or inside your home in bathrooms and kitchens.  Often times, burst pipes can occur in your basement or in homes without a foundation such as a mobile home.  Pipe insulation, especially around exposed pipes will help mitigate frozen pipes before they occur.



Montana receives a significant amount of snow during the colder winter months.  Some areas of Montana receive more than others, however, no matter where you live, snow in Montana does fall.  When Montana receives snow, we also can anticipate snow melt.  Snow melt can occur during the winter months when the temperature increases or in the spring.  If we have had a significant amount of snow that has not melted during the winter or if we have had a large winter storm, the snow melt can be significant enough to cause water damage.  Water damage can occur from flooding, leaking, and also mold.  This helps mitigate snowmelt issues, check your gutters to ensure that water can flow freely and is not blocked by leaves and other debris.


Water Heater Leakage

This is an often overlooked issue.  Water can leak from your water heater and then freeze when temperatures get cold enough.  Not having hot water can become a larger issue when you and your family are not able to take hot showers or wash dishes.  If you have an older model water heater, it could be more susceptible to water heater leaking.  Regular checks of your water heater can help prevent damage.

Ice Dams on the Roof

Ice dam formation is most common on homes with sloping roofs.  Ice dams form when snow accumulates on the roof and prevents water from draining properly.  Ice dams can then cause mold in your crawl space or attic as water damage occurs.  Removing snow from your roof during significant snowfalls can help mitigate this issue.

Winter water damage does occur and when it does can cause significant damage to your home.  ServiceMaster is ready to help you quickly if this does happen.  When water damage does occur, it is important to make sure you handle the problem quickly so that further damage does not happen.  Winters in Montana are especially brutal on homes.  Prepare your home before winter and storms to keep your home and family safe