Water leaks in your home can at first seem like something that can be ignored. Maybe the leak is occurring at your washing machine, dishwasher or a faucet in the bathroom. It is always a good idea to get a water leak fixed as soon as possible before it becomes major water damage.

Sometimes water leaks are so small, that you may not notice them at first. Maybe there is a pool of water on the kitchen floor that you are not sure how it got there, or maybe you ignore the leak because it hasn’t been an issue. Regardless of how small the water leak is, you will want to take care of the leak ASAP, to prevent damage and mold growth. Both water damage and mold can become large problems easily that can start to cost you thousands.

Signs You Have a Water Leak

Water around your toilet.
Stains below supply lines.
Odd odor coming from drains.
Warped flooring.
Water stains on the walls, floors or ceilings.
Corrosion on supply lines of appliances like washing machines.

What To Do If You Have a Water Leak

If you notice a water leak, your best case scenario is to fix it ASAP. Water leaks turn into water damage and that can become expensive. If you are not able to fix the leak yourself, contact a plumber to fix water pipes or an appliance repair company to fix any appliances that may be leaking. In the meantime, you can shut off the water valve to prevent continued leaking.

Clean Up Any Water
Clean up any water immediately. Water should not be left to dry on its own. Water can easily become mold or mildew. If you do notice water damage, you will want to contact a water damage restoration company to address the issue and restore your home to its original state.