Snowmelt can occur any time of the year in Montana however, is most likely to happen during the winter and spring months.  Snowmelt can become an issue for a home when either the home has not been properly maintained or the amount of snow is too great.  A foot of snow can easily turn into an inch or more of water.  In Montana, we get several large storms throughout the winter months that can bring several inches of snow at a time.  Snow can accumulate on a roof over time, especially when snow does not have a chance to melt between large storms.  Winter storms can also bring wind.  When wind causes damage to your home, snowmelt can then enter a home through the roof, attic, walls, and insulation.

What to do if Snowmelt Enters Your Home

Remove snow from your roof immediately when it is safe to do so.  If you are not comfortable removing snow from your roof, hire a professional.  Always consider safety when removing snow from a roof.  If you see any damage to the roof, make a note of where and contact a professional immediately.  You may need a water restoration specialist if water has entered the home and caused further damage.

You may have areas of the home with water dripping from the ceilings or coming down the wall.  It may also pool on the floor next to walls that have been affected by melting snow.  You can use a bucket to collect water from drips.  You can also use a shop vac to clean up any extra water.  Dehumidifiers can also help remove any excess moisture from the air. It will be important to mitigate any further water damage.  Water damage can easily turn into mold and spread throughout a home.

If water has entered your home, it is important to contact a water mitigation and water restoration expert such as ServiceMaster Restore of Montana.  We have a team available to talk to you 24/7.