Approximately 6% to 10% of people are allergic to mold. When they breathe in mold spores, they experience allergy-like symptoms. Unfortunately, mold is everywhere.

However, mold runs rampant in homes after water damage occurs. In these situations, homeowners hire mold damage restoration companies to remove the mold.

Are you dealing with mold in your house? If so, do you have questions about the mold removal process?

Keep reading this guide to learn what mold damage restoration is and how the process works.

Determine and Stop the Water Source

Mold appears when moisture is present. Thus, locating and stopping the water source is the number one step in mold remediation. After all, the mold will return if you don’t stop the moisture source.

For example, did the water come from a roof leak? If so, you must fix the roof before treating the mold.

Water damage occurs from flooding, an unsealed foundation, and leaky plumbing pipes. If you have mold in the home, a mold remediation company starts by finding and stopping the water source.

Locate All the Mold

Next, the company locates all the mold. You might have signs of mold in your home, like visible mold spots on the wall. However, mold is good at hiding.

Thus, a company uses tools and equipment to locate all the mold. For example, they might use a tool called a hygrometer to locate moisture. Additionally, they might use thermal cameras to find it.

Remove Affected Materials and Items

A mold remediation company also removes affected materials and items before proceeding. For example, they must remove every personal item that contains mold.

They may also have to remove building materials containing mold. An example of this is drywall. If mold is hiding inside your walls, they must access it by removing the drywall.

A company can’t clean up the mold without completing this step. In fact, you’ll face mold health hazards if they don’t remove all the mold during the remediation process.

Dry the House

Mold comes from moisture in a home. Thus, they will remove all the water and dry the home before proceeding. It might take several days to dry out a water-damaged home.

Clean the Area

The final step of mold damage remediation is cleaning the area. Unfortunately, even after removing the items containing mold, mold spores can remain.

As a result, these companies use high-strength mold removal cleansers to clean the affected areas. These cleaning products kill the remaining mold, leaving your home safe and mold-free.

Hire a Mold Damage Restoration Company

If you experience water damage in your home, there is a good chance you’ll also have mold. While you could clean it yourself, hiring a mold damage restoration company is the better choice.

A company specializing in mold remediation knows how to address and solve mold and water problems in homes.

Contact us if you need help. We offer mold remediation and other services you might need after experiencing water damage.