Water catastrophes can be stressful, unplanned, and sometimes costly incidents for Montana homeowners.
Water damage can be caused from leaky dishwashers, overflown toilets, burst pipes, or rain just to name a few. The longer you wait to address the damage, the worse it will be, and most likely the more expensive it will be. It’s important to contact professionals like ServiceMaster Restore assist immediately. The damage will be assessed, and water mitigation or water damage restoration services will be recommended.

Water Mitigation

Water mitigation prevents further water damage by removing any standing water and drying water saturated areas. Homeowners can start this process by opening windows and removing damaged items like furniture, equipment, etc. This point in the process is just about minimizing future loss.

Water Damage Restoration
Water damage restoration includes repairing the water damage and restoring the property to its previously damaged state. If your home has sustained water damage, we are here to help with professional water damage restoration services. Our highly-trained technicians have a wide range of experience with all types of water restoration services. We can address:
• Basement Flooding
• Kitchen Flooding Repair
• Bathroom Flooding
• Flood Damage Repair
• Upholstery and Carpet Services
• Dehumidifying
• Mold Mitigation
• Black Mold Removal
• And More

Contact us today for immediate water and flood damage service.