With Summer vacation season upon us, you should be thinking about ways to avoid water damage to your home, while you are away. Imagine coming home from a nice, relaxing summer vacation to find that your home has been damaged from an easily avoided water disaster. It happens all too common. It could be that you left a hose running, water faucet, dishwasher leak or washing machine hose ruptured. All of these scenarios could easily have been avoided saving you thousands of dollars.

Before you go on your summer vacation, we recommend following a quick checklist to make sure you return to your home as you left it.

1. Clean Your Gutters and Attach Downspouts
Sudden rain downpours are possible during the summer in Western Montana. If your gutters are not cleaned, this can cause a clog in the system creating pooling on your roof which could lead to a leak. Leaks in your roof can easily cause water damage that could lead to mold during humid summer months. Simply doing a quick inspection and clearing of gutters before you leave will give you peace of mind before your vacation.

Downspouts also need to be placed a proper distance away from your home to prevent flooding and foundation damage.

2. Check Hoses and Water Lines
Do not leave your dishwasher, washing machine running a cycle while you are away. You always want to be able to be nearby in case of any leaks or ruptures of the water lines. Doing a quick check of your refrigerator hose before you leave will also alert you to any hoses that need to be replaced asap.

3. Turn Off Outside Water
Do not leave your hoses running while you are away. Sprinkler systems that are on a schedule are safe to run. However, you do not want an outside water hose running as it can lead to flooding. Do a quick check before you leave for any length of time to ensure that all faucets are turned off properly.

4. Ask Someone to Check on Your Home
If you are going to be away for a week or several weeks at a time, it’s always a good idea to have a trusted family member, neighbor or friend check on your home. Having someone enter your home to do a quick check will ensure that any water leaks or damage are caught right away to prevent major damage. This is also a good idea to have someone check on your home after any major storms come through the area.

If water damage does occur while you are away from your home, call ServiceMaster Restore of Flathead County. Our team of experts are able to help with water damage, flooding and mold removal.