Roof Leaks & Failures

If your roof develops a leak during heavy rain or a fallen branch creates a gaping hole…

you need to get it fixed immediately. At ServiceMaster Restore®, we are ready 24/7/365 to speed to your side and help get your home back to normal.

Roofs most often reach the point of catastrophic failure when one or more of these conditions occur:

  • AGING ROOF – When roofs are left in place beyond their useful life, leaks occur within the home and the number and severity of these leaks will increase over time. 
  • SATURATED ROOFING – As a result of an aging roof, accumulated water isn’t dispensed properly and is trapped in the roof and leads to saturated and ruined materials. 
  • HIGH WIND DAMAGE – During high winds and severe weather, your roof is susceptible to partial or entire removal. 
  • ICE DAMS – When a layer of ice or snow builds up on your roof in sub-freezing temperatures, ice dams become a concern. The radiant heat from your home melts some of the snow and ice, allowing the resulting liquid water to run down your roof to the gutters in a normal fashion. However, once the water reaches the gutters away from the heat of the home, it can refreeze, build-up and block additional melt water.