Spring is almost here in Western Montana and that means winter snowmelt and runoff. This can happen when temperatures start to increase. Some years, there is a gradual increase and melting happens slowly over time. Some years, the temperatures can become warm quickly resulting in flooding of creeks, rivers, lakes and underground water levels.

With advanced planning, you can lower your home’s risk and mitigate spring flood damage to your home and property.

First, identify any potential problems. When spring rains hit, take time to walk around your home and assess how the water is flowing around the foundation and across your yard.

Grade Your Landscape

Identify low spots in the yard where water can begin to pool and soak into the ground and foundation. Correcting the immediate area can help with storm runoff away from the home.

Inspect Gutters

Reduce the risk of flooding by inspecting your gutters each fall and spring for any signs of clogs, breaks or cracks in the gutter system. Make sure you are pointing all downspouts away from your home’s foundation.

Fix Your Roof

If your roof is in need of repair, it is better to not wait till spring. Spring often brings lots of rain that can further damage your roof and bring leaks into the home. Mold can begin to grow as a result causing even further damage to your home.

Doing routine home maintenance can further protect your home from damaging rains in the flooding in the spring. If you do find your home flooded or has water damage from previous flooding, contact ServiceMaster Restore of the Flathead today. Our team of experts can help mitigate further damage and repair your home.