Many homeowners overlook the risk of damage to their homes by heavy snow and ice accumulation. This can occur to the roof and interior as snow and ice melt through the winter months. Leaks in the roof or walls can damage the interior walls, allow moisture in, which can also lead to hidden mold growth.
One thing to consider is how much snow actually weighs. Snow and ice pack places a substantial weight bearing on your roof. This may impact the structural stress on your roof. Fresh snow is measurable using the equivalent of water in inches (e.g., 10-12 inches of fresh snow = approximately one inch of water; 3-5 inches of snowpack = approximately one inch of water).
You should also consider impact to your foundation. Snow accumulation and frozen soil around the foundation of your home can cause pooling of water that can potentially enter your home.
A few things you can do to help prevent snow and ice damage are:
• Clear snow from your roof – remove snow from your roof and reduce the amount of runoff when warmer temperatures arrive. You can use snow rakes or roof rakes with extendable handles to safely clear snowpack. You can also purchase roof heating strips to prevent snow and ice buildup from beginning.
• Clear gutters and downspouts – remove leaves, twigs, snow, and ice from your gutters and downspouts to allow water to flow freely to the ground. Clean gutters also prevent ice dams from forming and allowing water to enter your home through leaky roofs or walls.
• Seal foundation cracks – inspect interior and exterior walls for cracks or fissures, no matter how small. It doesn’t take a large area for water to seep into. This can simply be done with hydraulic cement or masonry caulk.
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