The potential of spring flooding in Montana is a yearly reality. What water damage does to your home, especially flood water, is devastating and poses a serious threat to building infrastructure, interior furnishings, and personal treasures. It can also eventually affect your health of if not treated immediately. Repairs can be costly not only monetarily, but emotionally.
Spring flooding can cause problems like flooded basements, backed up sewage systems, and leaking pipes. We’ve provided a few helpful hints to prevent damage to your home during spring thaw.

• Fix leaky pipes – check for cracked, clogged, leaky, or broken pipes that may allow water to access your basement.
• Check your septic tank – get your septic tank inspected to make sure you don’t have debris or trash piling up in the system that may lead to clogging.
• Add a backflow valve – you may prevent water entry by installing a backwater valve to stop water from backing up through your basement pipes. This valve also separates your sewer from your house should water back up.
• Get a water alarm – water alarms are similar to fire alarms and will notify you if unwanted water seeps into your home. This will allow for early remediation before significant (or any) damage is done.
• Check your sump pump – make sure the intake valve is clear and the pump is working properly. Test it yourself by opening the lid and pouring water into the crock to ensure it starts pumping.
• Check your gutters and downspouts – most blockages occur after fall and winter. Clean out any fallen leaves, ice chunks, twigs, and snow. This will eliminate water build up and seepage into your home.
• Inspect your drainage system – Most modern homes have built-in drainage systems, but if the water has nowhere to go, it will seep into your home. Check flood drains for blockages, including indoor drains in your garage, laundry, or utility rooms. Check any rooftop drains you may have as well.

If you do experience spring flooding water damage, ServiceMaster Restore can help you remediate the damage immediately. Our highly trained technicians have a wide range of experience. We have 24/7 emergency services work and are here to help you in the middle of the night, on weekends, and holidays. You will receive immediate service by our technicians who will come to your home and inspect the dame before giving you a quote. Then our team will work quickly to remediate the damage and restore your home. You’ll quickly get back to enjoying your home with peace of mind knowing the job was done right.