Do you know where your main house water shut off valves are?

It is crucial to know where your home’s main water shut off valve is located as a homeowner. Running toilets, burst pipes, broken water heaters, and leaky sinks can cause significant damage. Turn off the home’s water supply as soon as a leak, flood, or spill occurs.

You can usually find your home’s main water line valve at eye-level in the basement or crawlspace and behind an access panel. Locations, however, vary by home. The valve might be attached to the water meter outside your home, which is usually close to the street or near your driveway, sidewalk, or yard. Finally, the valve location should also be located on the property inspection report from when you bought your home.

ServiceMaster Restore can teach you how to maintain all your valves through the year and provide tips on when it is best to shut off your main water line completely.

Why is shutting off my main water line important?

You normally will not have to go directly to the main water line to fix a leak. Your first attempt to stop your water supply should be to go straight to the source. Most supply lines have valves directly behind or above the fixture. It is usually as simple as turning the valve clockwise to shut off the water supply.

Use the following tips to locate water valves next to specific home fixtures:

  • Sinks – Look on the supply lines leading to the faucet under the cabinet. There are usually two shut-off valves that control the hot and cold water supplies.
  • Toilets – Look behind or beside the toilet, usually close to the ground, along the flexible metal tubing that leads to the tank.
  • Washing Machines – Look above the washer or pull the machine away from the wall and look behind it.
  • Water Heaters – Look just above the water heater itself for the valve.

Turn off your main water line immediately if the leaky fixture’s valves are not working or they break off. This could save you in damages and cost.

Do you know how to maintain your water valves?

We recommend checking your shut off valves periodically to ensure they work and are in good condition. We know how scary it can be to try to shut off your supply lines only for the valve to stick or break in your hands.

Test all your valves at least twice a year. Turn them completely off and on again to ensure they don’t stick in place or have faulty parts. You can have peace of mind that if an emergency occurs you can fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Call the experts at ServiceMaster Restore if you aren’t able to shut off your water valves in time. We will work fast and efficiently to get your home back to normal and prevent additional water damage, costs, and stress.