The winters in Montana can be harsh, especially in the Flathead where temperatures can change suddenly.  We can have freezing temperatures in the morning and warming temperatures in the afternoon and back to freezing after the sun goes down.  All of these changes can make keeping up with the weather difficult.  It’s best to be able to protect your home and be prepared for weather changes.

When your home is not prepared for Montana’s winters, you can end up with water damage that turns to mold and can spread quickly throughout a home.  The best thing you can do is be prepared for snow, ice, rain, and flooding.

Ice Dams and Snow on Your Roof

Ice dams form when water melts on your roof and then freezes in your gutters.  This can cause problems for the roof and the gutters as the home may now be at risk for flooding.  Ice dams block water from moving through your gutters.  The water that is not able to be moved through the gutters can pool around the edges of the foundation and cause flooding into your home.  To prevent ice dams, make sure your gutters are cleaned every fall.  Remove any leaves and other debris that can settle in the gutters and prevent water from flowing.  Make sure you point your gutters away from the home to keep water from pooling around your foundation.  You may also want to remove excessive heavy snow.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are common in Northwestern Montana during the winter and spring months.  Pipes that are exposed or in a cold area of your home are more likely to freeze such as in basements, crawl spaces, garages, or attics.  Pipes should be insulated to stop any potential freezing in the winter months.  For particularly cold nights, you may need to keep the water on a trickle to prevent freezing.

Basement Flooding

Basements are susceptible to flooding more than other areas of the home.  Snowmelt, rain and flooding can pool around the edges of a home and lead to basement flooding.  Always make sure your landscaping is sloped away from the home to prevent any pooling next to your foundation.

If your basement does flood, you should call water mitigation and restoration specialists such as ServiceMaster Restore of Montana.  We have the proper tools, equipment, and expertise to remove flooded water, prevent mold, and repair damages caused to your home.