How Can I Protect My Home From Freezing Pipes?

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Water

Montana experiences some amazing temperature changes.  Sometimes extremes from hot to cold.  When the winter months hit, Montana can reach sub-zero temperatures as early as October and well into the spring.  It is important that during these times you protect your home from freezing pipes. 

Freezing pipes can be extremely dangerous for a home because freezing pipes turn into burst pipes.  Burst pipes can be dangerous and costly.  When water freezes it expands causing pressure to build up on your pipes.  When the pipe cannot contain the pressure anymore, they burst causing water damage to the nearby area. 

Usually, homes that are susceptible to freezing pipes have ways to mitigate the issue before it happens.  If you have issues such as freezing pipes in extreme cold you may also experience a lack of running water.  These issues can only make it more difficult to deal with when it is cold outside. 

How can I tell which pipes are frozen?

Frozen pipes can be anywhere inside and outside of your home.  Each sink and shower have its own set of pipes.  There are also outside water pipes that bring water into your home from either the city water supply or your own well. 

One sign that you may have a frozen pipe is an odd odor coming out of the faucet.  The odor in the faucet becomes trapped by the frozen water and has no where to go but out of the faucet. 

Another and more obvious sign is that the faucet has no water coming out of it when you turn it on.  It is likely that the pipe to that faucet is frozen.

Frost on your pipes is also a sign that the pipe is frozen. 

Extreme cold temperatures, especially at night.  When the weather temperatures start to dip at night, you will want to make sure you are taking care of your pipes to ensure they do not freeze. 

Any home can have frozen pipes.  However, if your home is not on a foundation or properly insulated, you may be more susceptible to frozen pipes in Montana.  Make sure that you are preparing your home in the fall to mitigate frozen pipes causing water damage to your home.  If water damage does occur, contact ServiceMaster.  Our team has specialty equipment to help mitigate any water damage quickly so you can get back to enjoying your home.