Nobody wants a flooded basement.  It can result in water damage, property damage, household mold, and lots of unenjoyable time trying to dry out your basement and repair any damage caused by your flooded basement.

A flooded basement, while unexpected and very unpleasant, is a common issue to homeowners in Montana.  That’s one of the reasons why ServiceMaster of the Flathead, Billings and Missoula all specialize in water mitigation.  Our team is here for you when water damage happens and will be there with you to quickly mitigate any further damage or re-flooding.

When flooding does happen in your home’s basement, there are some steps to take right away to help protect your family and your home.

Shut off any power to the area.

You will want to make sure that all electricity and gas to the area is shut off.  You may need to contact an electrician if you are unable to safely get to the control panel due to a flood. You will want to take action and turn off the power to the flooded area as soon as you notice water seeping in.

Wear boots and gloves for protection when entering the area.

You may also want to wear a mask.  The area will be wet and maybe slippery depending on the flooring in the basement or flooded area.  Depending on how high the water is, you may also encounter floating debris.  It is important that you protect yourself while moving around in the area.

Determine where the water is coming from.

As soon as you notice water in your basement, you will want to check and see where the water is coming from.  Oftentimes, a flooded basement is a result of a burst pipe or water entering from a flooded stream or river.  If the water is coming from a burst pipe, you will want to turn off the water to the basement as soon as possible.  Water from floods may require you to protect your home with sandbags and other mitigation efforts.

If your basement has a drain, make sure the drain is not covered or clogged.

Keeping your drain open will allow the water to drain and help you recover from the flood quicker.

Remove water from your flooded basement.

If you can, begin to remove as much water from the basement as possible.  You may be able to use buckets, a sump pump, a wet/dry vacuum, or a mop.  It will take at least 48 hours for your basement to dry once the water is removed.  If you are unable to remove the water yourself, you will need to ask for help from your community or contact a professional company such as ServiceMaster to help remove the water.