Water damage can wreak absolute havoc on your home, and when you’re not there, it’s even worse. According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage affects around 14,000 Americans every day.

If you come home to find your water pipes burst when you were on vacation, it’s an extremely stressful event.

Read on for some tips to help you learn the next steps if this happens to you, so you can get the help you need as fast as possible.

Turn Off the Water

If your water pipes burst, the first thing you should do is turn off the water supply to your home. This simple step will help to prevent further water damage and can minimize water cleanup.

Look for the water main shut-offs in your home before you go on vacation. This makes it much easier to find them in the event of an emergency later.

Once you locate the shut-off valves, turn them off immediately. If the leak is extremely severe, it’s also a good idea to turn off the electricity to your home for safety’s sake.

Water Pipes Burst: Drain Your Taps

Once the water supply is shut off, you’ll want to drain all of the faucets in your home. This helps to prevent them from freezing and will keep the water flowing once the issue is fixed.

Flush your toilets several times to help relieve the pressure on the system. Turn off the water heater so that it also relieves pressure on the hot water taps. Make sure all of the faucets are left “open” to prevent pressure buildup in the fixtures.

Find the Source

When you come home from vacation to find water damage, you might not know the source of the leak right away. Now is a good time to locate where the actual leak is coming from so you can tell the plumber when they arrive.

Look under all of the sinks in your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room. Keep an eye out for signs of water damage which can include bulging ceilings or floors, or visible water spots.

Check the walls to look for discoloration, which could indicate the leaking pipe is located inside the walls. Once you locate the source of the problem, use a bucket to catch the water and rags to clean up so you can help minimize any more damage.

Get Professional Help

Now that the water main is off, the taps are drained, and you’ve found the source, it’s time to call water restoration services in Flathead. They’ll perform the right water cleanup to restore your home to its original condition.

You may also need to call your home insurance company to file a claim. If any components of your home or parts of the structure are damaged, the insurance company can help cover the cost of repair.

Don’t Panic

Remember these steps if you come home to water pipes burst after vacation. Don’t panic, and make sure you call professionals to help you.

If you need help with a burst pipe, contact the pros at ServiceMaster Restore right away.