Fire damage restoration is essentially the process by which damaged property is restored and
repaired by professionals who are skilled in this field, like ServiceMaster Restore in Missoula,
Kalispell, and Billings. This procedure also includes cleaning up damp areas, removing mold and
mildew from living spaces, and furnishings because of smoke and other by products of
combustion, and restoring corroded or damaged metals and alloys. Some professionals may
even go so far as to go over the structure of a home or business with a fine-tooth comb, looking
for areas of the structure that may be physically structurally sound but structurally damaged
due to water infiltration or other factors. All in all, a fire damage restoration professional is
responsible for restoring a property to the condition it was in before a fire occurred – and doing
so in an environmentally sound manner. Read more great facts on Mold Damage, click here.
One of the primary purposes of fire damage restoration is to dry out any areas that may be
soaked by water or otherwise contaminated by smoke or gases. Wet smoke contains more
carbon monoxide than do dry amounts of smoke, which means that any area saturated with
smoke will require extra attention to moisture content. Additionally, there are chemicals and
toxins in smoke that will require extra treatment to ensure they do no harm to the personal
belongings of the individuals in the home or office. Fire restoration professionals can generally
restore at least part of a room or building that has been affected by smoke or water damage to
a state that is safe and usable. These professionals may also be able to salvage any belongings
that were saved due to smoke damage. Water Restoration information.

It is also important for fire damage restoration, to make sure that all gas lines, water pipes, and
electrical outlets are fully operational. This ensures that emergency services can arrive on the
scene quickly and begin treating the house fire. Fire restoration professionals also work with
insurance companies to conduct clean up and repair work on the property of the insured
person or persons. If a home or business is insured through a mortgage or insurance policy,
then the policy will dictate what repairs and clean-up can be made on the insured property.
A good rule of thumb for soot removal and fire restoration services is to only hire trained
professionals. Some fire restoration services may offer soot removal products, but there are
likely hazards associated with these products, as some are toxic or flammable. Not all smoke
damage and soot damage are caused by fires. Smoke restoration services will likely not be able
to treat organic fires, such as a fire that occurred in a home that was treated for weeds. Other
organic materials that are difficult to treat include asbestos.
It is important to thoroughly check the structure of the house or area being restored to be
certain that all fire damage restoration services target potential dangers. This includes
inspecting walls, ceilings, carpeting, doors, windows, insulation, appliances, electrical wiring,
plumbing systems, water pipes, ductwork, insulation, wood framing, insulation, cabinets,
furniture, appliances, electrical components, cabinets, furniture, windows, floors, soffits,
ceilings, floors, etc. The fire damage restoration company should also inspect electrical
equipment, workstations, fire exits, emergency lighting, doors, cabinets, fire doors, stairways,
etc. Any items that are damaged or cannot be restored should be removed or destroyed.

Contact a structural fire damage restoration company if structural damage exists. If structural
members have been severely impacted, such as cracked timbers, missing shingles, buckled
drywall, or mold growth, structural integrity may be in question. Structural integrity refers to
the overall integrity of a building as a whole and is usually impacted by weather, water leaks,
mold growth, humidity, or any other conditions. It is imperative to take care of structural issues
as soon as possible, as damage, moisture, mold growth and other conditions may continue and
only a structural contractor can deal with these issues safely. Visit for further details.