It just seemed like summer started but kids are getting ready to go back to school and fall sports are already underway. Montana homeowners know that the fall cleaning and maintenance window can be unpredictable due to weather. You may only have a small window to finish up your home maintenance tasks. Review these tips to help prepare your home before the cold weather sets in.

Clean Your Gutters

Leaves, dirt, sticks, and other debris clog your gutters in the spring, summer, and fall seasons that can prevent them from draining rainwater. It is important to clear your gutters one last time in the fall before the weather becomes too cold. Consider installing gutter guards if there are trees around your house that always drop leaves and other debris on your roof.

Replace Your Screens with Storm Windows

Storm windows help increase the heating efficiency of the home. They reduce the air exchange to retain more heat. Do not wait too long into the fall to replace your windows or you will be working in the cold weather.

Inspect Your Furnace and Heating Systems

You should have your furnace and heating systems inspected at least once a year and the fall is a perfect time to ensure that it is working properly before the cold weather sets in. Be sure to replace the furnace filter before the winter. Check the size of the current filter before buying a new one to make sure you get the right size. 

Maintain Your Fireplace

Many homeowners use their fireplaces for warmth in the winter. The fall is a premium time to clean your fireplace and chimney. Soot builds up within the fireplace and chimney with each use. Buildup is flammable which makes it dangerous. 

Many of these tips are essential for Montana homeowners and they will help make your home easier to maintain throughout the winter. If you do not feel comfortable taking on some of these fall maintenance tips yourself, you can hire a professional like ServiceMaster Restore to do them more effectively.