Fire damage is not only devasting for your property but can also be extremely damage to your business. Fire damage can range from an isolated fire with minimal damage, to smoke damage to a complete loss. As a business owner, it is important for you to consider having a Fire Restoration Plan for your business in case of a commercial fire.

What is a Fire Restoration Plan?

A Fire Restoration Plan is created for the safety of your employees and business to ensure that you can get back to full operations as soon as possible. Fire Damage Restoration is the process of returning fire and smoke damaged property to pre-loss condition. The restoration process is extremely important and should be completed by a restoration company that specializes in commercial fire or smoke damage. Fire Restoration projects are complex and involve using commercial construction. You will want to hire a restoration company that has the experience to get the job done correctly but also in a timely manner as fire damage could be affecting your bottom line.

What is Commercial Fire Restoration?

Commercial Fire Restoration involves assessing the damaged property for safety. This first step will allow the restoration company to determine what steps are needed in order to secure your commercial site and to prevent further damage to any property. This could include adding temporary fencing, boards over windows and bracing the structure for security.

After the initial assessment, next steps will include assessing water damage and structural drying. Water damage from sprinklers or fire hoses can cause further damage to your property, it is important to dry out the water and prevent the growth of mold. A professional restoration company will also be able to handle water damage and mold mitigation during the restoration process.

Next, debris is removed and all other items that are lost either due to smoke, fire or water damage. Demolition will also begin so that the property can begin to be restored to pre-fire condition. This can include repairing walls, replacing flooring and cleaning soot off the ceilings.

Lastly, restoration can begin. Structural, paint, electrical, plumbing and other repairs are made. Your restoration company will work with you every step of the way to ensure repairs are made to fit your business needs as well as work with your insurance company.

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