You probably know that gutters protect your walls, ceilings, doors, and foundation from water damage. But did you know they also help prevent flooding in your basement and soil erosion around your house?

Gutter maintenance is crucial in reaping the benefits of your system. Gutter cleaning removes debris like leaves, twigs, and dirt to ensure they work properly.

We’ve described some benefits of gutter cleaning below:

  • Prevents water damage – water damage is one of the leading causes of structural damage. Gutters channel water off your roof and away from your home and foundation. Clogged gutters flood your foundation and cause roof leaks that may damage your interior ceilings, walls, and floors. Clean gutters mean a solid structure.
  • Eliminates nests – rats, squirrels, birds, and other creatures use the debris in your gutters to make nests. These creatures can spread disease. Clean gutters mean no intruders or disease.
  • Prevents landscape destruction – Unmanaged water from clogged gutters can cause soil erosion and kill your beautifully landscaped flowers and plants. Clean gutters improve your home’s livability.
  • Reduces the risk of basement flooding – clogged gutters spill rainwater around your basement. This water may find its way into your basement and cause flooding. This is a serious issue as it could lead to mold and mildew growth which could lead to health problems. Basement flooding can also ruin appliances, carpeting, and valuables. Clean gutters mean less money spent on repairs or replacement of valuables.
  • Extends your roof and gutter lifespan – clogged gutters weigh more than clean gutters, especially in the winter months. This causes unnecessary stress on your roof and gutters. The extra weight can cause materials to collapse or fall off. Clogged gutters also cause water to build up and form ice between shingles which can spread them apart and expose your roof to leaks. Rusting and corrosion can occur in your clogged gutters that may lead to leaks and having to replace them altogether. Clean gutters mean roof and gutter longevity.

As you can see, gutter cleaning is a necessary part of home maintenance and properly working gutters will keep you from suffering water damage and issues. So, clean your gutters every six months or hire a professional to get the job done for you.

If water damage does occur, you will want to hire a water damage repair specialist right away.  Contact ServiceMaster Restore of Montana to ensure a professional, experienced team who can get the job done.