Our programs help ensure customer satisfaction

Tell ServiceMaster
Designed to measure customer satisfaction and help improve customer loyalty, ServiceMaster Restore uses the Tell ServiceMaster program to survey customers at the end of every job, improve our service, train our employees and ensure that our customers are satisfied with the work we performed.

MasterMoments is the ServiceMaster Restore program used to ensure remarkable customer service for homeowners, insurance agents and insurance adjusters. This program has three key components:

  1. Recovery Guide Review - On the first call, we walk the policyholder through the ServiceMaster Restore Emergency Recovery Guides to explain and set expectations for the services and processes that will be used during the claim.
  2. Agent call - Within 24 hours, we call the agent to communicate the policyholder's state of mind and current claim status, assuring that everything is under control and that the homeowner is being given excellent service.
  3. Adjuster call - Within 24 hours, we call the claim representative to relay the scope of damages and the emergency services provided and to communicate any critical or important information about the claim.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
At ServiceMaster Restore, we measure our success through customer satisfaction. To that point,

we consistently maintain industry leading NPS (Net Promoter Score) ratings reflecting our unrivaled service. We also monitor and measure specific requirements agreed upon with insurance carriers for service delivery known as service level agreements (SLAs), which are monitored in real-time to determine any adjustments and/or corrections needed to regularly deliver successful results.